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8th September 2016

A rather dreich half day on Little Wyvis trying to avoid the 'wild life'.

Route Map

I decided to take advantage of the hill tracks that lead virtually to the top of Little Wyvis. After parking at the forest walks car park at Silver bridge (NH402639) I carefully crossed the A835 to be confronted with three alternatives. I decided to go left through a gap between the gate and the wall. The signs here and further on are not particularly welcoming but I’ve not heard of anyone having troubles taking this route. The road curves back round to the right after passing a left branch to join another track and continue up hill. Another gate with welcome sign was passed through near a barn leading onto more open countryside. It was just after this that a goat and kid approached and got to close for comfort. The goat was continually pushing with its head and refused to back off. I upped my pace and managed to put a few meters between me and the over friendly pair. I had to keep my pace up as they continued to follow. Head down and pushing on I then heard a land rover behind me, the two estate workers waved as they passed and the kindly waited and held the next gate open for me. They were out fixing fences and turned off at little further on. Going through the gate was a relief as it meant I had eventually shaken off the goats and could continue at a more leisurely pace. The weather started to deteriorate and a light sleety rain started to fall. The cloud base still remained above the tops which meant I did have some views albeit rather grey and restricted to the nearby hills. I didn’t linger in the rain at the top but continued on along the ridge towards Tom na Caillich. As I dropped to the bealach I managed to find enough shelter behind a small crag in order to have lunch. From the bealach I dropped down to pick up the hill track again as it looped back down hill. There was a group of magnificent Shire horses grazing just a short way off the track with a donkey for company. One or two started over toward me so I got on my way not wanting to risk more over friendly wild life getting to close and following me off the hill. A little further on I spied the goats again, they were a little way off the track but spotted me and began there pursuit. Fortunately it was only a short way to the gate near the barn and I made it through before they got too close. It was now just a gentle amble back down to the car park at the end of a short but occasionally ‘interesting’ walk.

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