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5th June 2016

Farragon Hill from Netherton, Loch Tummel

Route Map

I decided on this route to allow a wee peek at some of the abandoned Barytes mines in the area. I managed somehow to miss the start of the proper track tucked away to my right near were I had parked. Maybe it was the distraction of the grassy one heading straight up through the tress. If I’d have realised that the track was to be well defined and well used I maybe wouldn’t have made the mistake. As it was it was no hard ship, at least to start, as it ran pleasantly up through the nicely wooded hillside. The track ended shortly after leaving the trees but I managed to pick up another track after a while running alongside the burn. This then turned back toward the trees and I soon realised that I had strayed off course. I decided to head across the heather in the general direction of Duntanlich Lochan and soon picked up the good track running along the ridge line to the east of the lochan. It was pretty hot going along the track but I made steady progress on my way up to Beinn Eagagach. I new that this was the site of some old Barytes mines but wasn’t sure of their exact location apart from being not to far from the top. As it is the track runs quite high and as it turned out the mines were just off the track on the south side of the hill. The water in the mines has taken on an amazing azure colour and the rocky sidewalls a lovely patterned ochre. From here the way drops downhill for a while until a south turn in the road, at which point it was time to go cross country heading for the north ridge of Farragon hill. The hill steepened toward the summit and a there was a little bit of weaving around crags but I soon arrived at the top where a guy and his dog were soaking up the sun. They had taken the route up from over Meall Tairneachan. After dropping back down the north ridge I ignored the main track and worked up the hillside to reach the top of Beinn Eagagach, stopping at Lochan a’ Chait on the way for a cooling dip. All that was now left to do was retrace steps back down to the van at Netherton.

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