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7th September 2016

Up and over Carn Chuinneag, the Hill of the churn.

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There are supposed to be some nice far ranging views from the twin topped Carn Chuinneag, unfortunately the mist cloaking the higher reaches stubbornly refused to move. It was a pleasant enough start up the estate road and through the main grounds of Gelncalvie lodge. A bike would have made short work of the steady climb and provided a fine free wheel for most of the way back out. The new rather large lodge a little north of the base of the hill looked strangely out of place. There is a good stalkers path to help the ascent and it wends it way up and around Aí Chioch and on to the west ridge of the twin topped hill. Leaving the path near its end there was some awkward rocky ground to work through before the top was reached. I didnít linger here for long before heading down to the col between the two tops before easier grassy slopes led through a few rocky outcrops and onto the summit. I took some time over lunch as the mist occasionally threatened to lift but the wait was to no avail, no views were to be had today. There was still plenty of the day left so I decided to extend the walk by heading over to Loch Chuinneag. After returning to the col I headed off in a northerly direction to pick up the path that runs down the side of Carn Diebidale before turning across more open ground to the bottom of Clach nan Eun. Probably a pleasant place in brighter weather it was a bit bleak today at the loch side. After siding Carn na Gobhaig-beithe the path then runs adjacent to Allt Loch Chuinneag and down boggier ground. A style helped to negotiate the fence and gain an estate track that lead back round to join the outward route, leaving about an hours walk back to the start.

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